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"The Excellence in Education Fund and Committee is a designated fund within the Wet Mountain Valley Community Foundation, and was founded by a citizens group to help address pressing educational needs for our community youth. The result is a three-way partnership between the Committee, the Wet Mountain Valley Community Foundation (WMVCF) and the C-1 School District of Custer County, with a goal of identifying and securing additional grant funding to support unfunded educational programs in our Custer County Schools."


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The Custer County School District will create a school culture which will promote excellence in education through exemplary student learning in a safe environment.

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The goal of the Custer County School District is to prepare our students to compete on the world stage for the college or career pathway of their choice.

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Superintendent Welcome Letter

Welcome to the Custer County School District C-1 website. Our school district offers a wonderful and diverse educational opportunity for all students in attendance.

As many of you know, public school finance has faced unprecedented challenges in the past few years. In addition to funding challenges, Colorado has also taken an aggressive approach to education reform. As such, expectations have never been higher while, at the same time, challenges have never been greater.

In spite of all that has developed at the state level in the past few years, Custer County School District C-1 continues to maintain positive results for student growth and achievement. Because of the outstanding academic achievement of our students, CCSD continues to achieve at the upper threshold of the Accredited rating category as defined by Colorado Department of Education.

The assessments used to generate this rating evaluate reading, writing, mathematics, and science in 3rd through 11th grade. Academic success on those assessments are truly a school-wide effort. However, they do not capture the phenomenal accomplishments of students in our FFA, industrial arts, band, choir, art, other elective courses, and extra-curricular activities. They also do not capture the fantastic work that occurs daily in pre-school through 2nd grade that positions students for success as they mature. The successes provide students with a well-rounded education and are due to the fantastic community support and committed staff at CCSD.

Additionally, these metrics do not address the daily opportunity that CCSD students experience to develop integrity, accountability, strong work ethic, and the multiple other qualities that will help students become successful contributors to our society.

Students at Custer County School District C-1 are well poised for success upon completion of their education. The parents, teachers, staff, and community do a remarkable job of supporting our students and setting high expectations that translate in to student success for years to come.

Chris Selle

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