Dear Bobcat Families,

It was certainly quite the year: one of 18 schools in the state which attained Distinguished status, major construction, in person learning ending at Spring Break, graduation with social distancing while families observed from cars. It appears that no matter which way we turn, there is uncertainty where you look. Although we have been somewhat isolated in our mountain enclave, the one thing we have learned is that situations change rapidly and are not permanent. 

We know that one of the constants in a community should be the schools. We attempt to be an institution that is dependable and unchanging, however, even that certainty is threatened by the unknown path of the pandemic. The one thing that I can promise you, is that the Faculty and Staff of Custer County Schools will work tirelessly to provide your child and family with as much stability as possible, while keeping your child safe, as well as, providing a quality education. I encourage you to have faith in our excellent school and staff. Our plan is to return to school as normal as possible, within the allowable constraints of the State and Public Health.

Our district vision is to provide a quality education in a safe environment and our mission is to prepare students for life after graduation. Along those lines, we are working on increasing college credits that a student can earn before graduation and career certifications to prepare students for the world of work. With the issues going on and the premature ending of school, we know that there is a need to provide for students social and emotional support and learning. We are provided, through a grant, a teacher who will be helping our school support students. We are also pleased to have a full time School Resource Officer, due to a grant that the Sheriff’s Office received. This will increase our safety and positive interaction with law enforcement.

Finally, as much as is feasible, I would like to encourage you to become involved in our school. Attend athletics and arts events, volunteer to work with students, volunteer to serve on various committees. If you are interested, please contact the office and they will direct you to the right person. We are excited to see your children again and look forward to another fantastic year. 

Thank you,

Mike McFalls


Our Vision & Mission
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Vision - The vision is to provide a quality education in a safe environment.


Mission - The mission is to prepare students for life beyond graduation.  

Our History

Early education was tended to in a church in the Colfax colony and a log cabin four miles southwest of Silver Cliff. As the county grew, so did the demand for education and in the fall of 1879 the first school districts were formed.  It was decided that schools should be no more than five miles apart so that each child had a school within walking distance. This resulted in twenty-four one room schools and two classrooms in private homes.