Greetings Bobcats Families! 


This is Mike McFalls, and it is my honor to be your superintendent of schools. I hope your summer was relaxing and enjoyable. We are ecstatic to see your kids again and look forward to as normal a year as possible. Covid is still a concern, however we will begin school normally. We are closely following the State and CDHP guidelines and recommendations for the safety of our students and continuity of their education. Currently the only requirement is from the Feds to wear masks on school buses. We would like to encourage families to get vaccinated but that is a personal choice and a family decision and is not required.

Whether your child is a first time Bobcat or are a returning Bobcat, we are so happy that you have chosen to send them to our wonderful school. Our main goal is to provide a quality education in a safe environment that prepares students for life beyond graduation. We have been working diligently to prepare the campus for your arrival and the teachers have been making ready to provide high quality instruction. It takes a community to provide a successful educational experience and it is our desire to build a solid bridge between home and school. Parent and guardian support is crucial to your child’s academic success. Check each day to see if they have homework and provide a place and time for them to work on it. Follow up to see that it has been completed. Staying in contact with your child’s teacher will allow you to keep up with their progress and problem solve any issues.

We encourage families to join PTSO or volunteer at school if you have the time.

Three school board positions are open, if you are interested in running, information is on our website, or you may contact the school. The election is in November.

If you need assistance with back-to-school supplies, please contact the school. We want every child to have what they need to be successful.

Together we are Bobcats.

Mike McFalls


Our Vision & Mission
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Vision - The vision is to provide a quality education in a safe environment.


Mission - The mission is to prepare students for life beyond graduation.  

Our History

Early education was tended to in a church in the Colfax colony and a log cabin four miles southwest of Silver Cliff. As the county grew, so did the demand for education and in the fall of 1879 the first school districts were formed.  It was decided that schools should be no more than five miles apart so that each child had a school within walking distance. This resulted in twenty-four one room schools and two classrooms in private homes.