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Contact Information

Ryan Donovan


Shelley Green


Gifted and Talented (GT) Program at Custer County Schools


About GT: We screen through NWEA, CMAS, cognitive testing and by portfolio and observational recommendations.


Ryan Donovan, GT Coordinator and Shelley Green, GT Teacher, work in concert to identify and meet the needs of all identified students as well as our Talent Pool students who show exceptional skills without meeting the strict requirements for a GT label. 


Students are engaged in many different ways, depending on their passions. Individual projects include Theatrical Set Design, Technology Student Association, long-term research and writing project, writing the Bobcat Corner weekly article in the Wet Mountain Tribune, photography, computer science, aerospace engineering and more. 


3rd Grade - meets on Mondays from 3-3:45


4th Grade - meets on Thursdays from 3-3:45


5th Grade - Meets on Tuesdays from 3-3:45


MS - Meets on Mondays and Wednesdays during Advisory


HS - Meets Mondays and Wednesdays during Advisory

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