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Custer County Schools Accountability Committee


The Accountability Committee (AC) meets the first Monday of each month in the school library at 4:30pm.  Meeting dates are listed on the school calendar.  Meeting agendas are posted outside the office of the superintendent and each principal at least 4 days before each meeting.  Interested parties are welcome to attend the meetings and observe the work of the committee.


The AC is part of Colorado’s education accountability system, created by the state legislature, to hold the state - Colorado Department of Education (CDE), all school districts and each school accountable on a set of consistent, objective measures and to report performance in a manner that is highly transparent and builds public understanding.  The powers and duties of Accountability Committees are set forth in Colorado law (CRS 22-11-302 and 22-11-402).


The AC is an advisory body, which makes recommendations to the School Board, the Superintendent and Principals.


The AC by law must contain community members, parents, teachers, administrators and a representative of the PTSO. Students are encouraged to be members, but are not required.  The current committee meets and exceeds the minimum number of members.


Accountability Committee Roster


Any school related issues, comments or concerns may be directed to the Committee through our email address: or by personal contact with a committee member.  All communications will be reviewed and if within the scope of the committee to handle, they will be addressed with a follow-up response to the individual.  If it is determined that it is not within the scope of the AC, the issue will be forwarded to the appropriate department and the individual notified of that action.


The CDE has a website, with much information about our schools’ test results, district performance and accreditation.  The AC will summarize these reports for the community on this website.

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