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School Cancellation/Delayed Start Policy


The following procedures will be followed in cases when the school is to be closed for the entire day or delayed start:


  1. All school employees and students will be notified by an Infinite Campus School Messenger system call about closing.

  2. KBVC radio station (104.1 FM) in Salida, KKTV - Channel 11 and KRDO TV stations in Colorado Springs, as well as the Custer County Schools and Custer County Community Facebook sites will be updated about any school closings.


The following procedures will be followed in cases when the school is to be dismissed earlier than at the regular time:


  1. All bus drivers will be contacted and told of the dismissal time.

  2. The Custer County Road Department will be notified about the early dismissal.

  3. All parents who meet the bus at a stop other than their home will be contacted.


No child will be left at a stop if his/her parent is not there to meet the bus, but will be brought back to town and left under the supervision of the school.


In case of severe weather or other circumstances, it may be necessary to delay the start of the school day or cancel it altogether. In these cases, staff and families will be notified by phone with as much warning as possible. It is extremely important that the school has parent and guardian updated contact information for this purpose. Delayed starts will be two hours after the normal start of school (10:00 AM), morning preschool will not take place, and breakfast will not be served.

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