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Strategic Plan


The Custer County School District Strategic Plan was originally developed in the summer of 2014 with the intent that provide a guiding focus for the school district while remaining flexible enough for the school district to react as necessary to meet ever changing needs of its students. The plan was developed through a multi-month process that solicited input from school board members, parents, students, community members, teaching staff, and school administration. Following a community meeting on May 5, 2014, five focus groups were formed. Each focus group consisted of six to ten members with representation from each of the stakeholder groups previously mentioned. Data from focus group discussions were collected and assimilated in an effort to identify common trends from each focus group. Following the focus group meetings, a working group representing school administration, school board members, and community members met multiple times to review the analyzed data and develop aligned goals and action items. The developed goals and action items listed below reflect the input of a variety of stakeholders in the Custer County School District.



1. Increase student achievement

2. Recruit, retain, develop, and competitively compensate high quality employees

3. Increase family and community involvement

4. Develop student technology skills to compete in a global society

5. Maintain and upgrade the physical plant

6. Provide a physically, emotionally, and socially safe school for all students


Custer County School District Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Committee Press Release - 1-17-2017

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