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Transportation Services


In providing pupils with transportation, our foremost concern is the safety of students. Bus transportation is a privilege contingent upon proper behavior of students. Students are under school and bus rules once they board the bus. When children misbehave on the bus, the driver becomes distracted and the safety of students is jeopardized. Students riding school buses are expected to behave as follows: 


1. Observe all school rules and follow directions of the bus driver.

2. Remain seated and face forward at all times when the bus is in motion.

3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself and inside the bus.

4. Use quiet voices.

5. Bus drivers are to assign seats for the safety of all riders.

To ensure the safety of children, the following procedure will be used in dealing with student misbehavior: 
1. Students will receive a verbal warning from the bus driver. A phone call will be made to the student's home indicating same.

2. If misbehavior continues, the bus driver will issue a written incident report to the principal. Further incidents may result in a Bus Behavior Contract or suspension of bus privileges, at the discretion of school administration.

3. Students must have a note to ride the bus home with another student or to get off at a stop other than their own. Without a note, the bus driver will take them to their usual destination. In emergency situations, you may call the school, and we will help you make arrangements.

Transportation to Activities

Safety is essential to a good transportation system.  Good student behavior on the bus is essential to safety.  Students are expected to discipline themselves at all times so as not to distract the attention of the bus driver from his first duty - safe operation of the bus.  Bus rules are:

1. Riding activity buses is a privilege granted to students.

2. Students who ride the bus will return on the bus.  The one exception to this is a written note from the parent presented to the sponsor before the trip or parent request to the sponsor at the activity.      

3. The sponsors act as the school authority, and all school rules will be enforced while on the bus or at the activity.

4. The bus driver has the authority to amend these rules as necessary to fit individual situations.  

5. All students are required to ride school transportation to all sponsored athletic events and activities unless prior written permission has been obtained from the principal and coaches/sponsors have been notified.

6. During school sponsored activity trips, boys and girls must sit in different sections of the bus with the sponsor seated between.

Schedule or Change Transportation 

If a parent has a new student or a current student that wishes to ride a bus or change buses, to contact Traci Terry @ (719) 783-9779 or to request pickup/dropoff times and places.

Bus Drivers
Ms. Traci Terry - Transportation Supervisor 

Mr. Doug - Bear Bus

Ms. Cheryl - Eagle Bus 

Mr. Guy - Bobcat Bus 

Mr. Lenny - Wolf Bus

Letter from Transportation Director w/Bus Schedules - 8/10/2023

Transportation Staff
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