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Excellence in Education


Mission Statement:  ​The mission of the Excellence in Education Committee and Fund is to enrich and enhance educational opportunities for all students and teachers in the Custer County C­-1 School District through effective fundraising efforts, alternative learning programs, professional development, and on­going assistance in grant writing.


About Us:​  The Excellence in Education Committee & Fund (Ex in Ed) is a designated fund within the Wet Mountain Valley Community Foundation (WMVCF) which acts as the not­-for-­profit sponsoring 501(c)(3) organization.  Ex in Ed, WMVCF, and the Custer County C­-1 School District form a three­-way partnership whose express purpose is to address the educational needs and resources that exceed the funding capabilities of the school district.


Ex in Ed works to increase community involvement and financial support of the District’s educational process, secure funding to help provide effective instruction, strengthen student motivation and academic success, and accumulate funds to bridge immediate needs that the

District may experience from time to time.  We thank all of our local supporters for their generosity in donating their time and/or money.


To learn more about Ex in Ed or to donate please visit:

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