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Faculty Advisory Council Mission Statement


The Custer County Faculty Advisory Council [formerly the Faculty Advisory Committee], commonly referred to as the FAC, is a group comprised of interested faculty members of the Custer County School District.  The FAC’s sole purpose is to promote a positive environment within the school system which serves as a vehicle for productive communication among the faculty, administration, and school board.  


Through positive and effective discussion among the members of the faculty, the FAC can represent the certified staff in an effort to create a constructive learning environment that is both positive and progressive for the students of our county.


The FAC serves as a cohesive voice on behalf of the faculty to communicate important issues with the administration and school board. Likewise, the FAC is established as a means for the administration and school board to positively communicate with faculty regarding school issues through the appropriate channels.


(The Mission Statement was read to the School Board on Nov. 12, 2002, per minutes of the October 23, 2002 meeting of the FAC.)


Goals of the Faculty Advisory Council

This process will:

  • Serve to identify important problems and issues

  • Promote communication among the board, administration, and teachers through appropriate channels (as established in the operational procedures adopted at the FAC meeting on December 4, 2002; revised on December 2, 2015).

  • Be open and all­-inclusive to all Custer County School faculty

       - Individual schools may send representatives who are to report back to their respective school.

  • Strengthen team building by addressing the unique concerns of elementary, middle school, and high school.


Operational Procedures

  • Meetings will be once a month (additional meetings will be called as needed)

  • Communication channels:

       - FAC committees report to the FAC who, through the FAC chairperson(s), will report to the superintendent, who will                  integrate key highlights from the standing monthly meeting between the FAC chairperson(s) and the superintendent

       into the monthly “Superintendent Report” to the school board.  If the superintendent and/or FAC chairperson(s)                        determine, after consulting and coordinating with each other, that it is best for the board to hear directly from the FAC,

       the superintendent will report this to the board and the FAC will report out its concerns or information during the                    “Reports from Students/Staff” portion of the monthly board meeting agenda.

  • All committees (insurance, salary, calendar, etc.) will keep accurate minutes and submit them to the

       FAC.  FAC minutes will be submitted to administration.

  • All faculty will be notified of Faculty Advisory Council meetings.


Adopted as Board Policy Feb. 11, 2003­ - File GBB­R; revised on December 2, 2015

Adopted for Final Reading, Revised:  February 9, 2016

FAC By-Laws

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