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2020-2021 School Information

Message from Superintendent

Bobcat Families,

Please find attached the plans for returning to school. Our highest priority in trying to return to in person learning is the safety of students and staff.  Please read the letter carefully but please remember we are dealing with a very fluid situation and decisions may change based on circumstances and health orders.  I would also like to caution families to be wary of social media rumors as the ones that have been relayed to me so far are blatantly false and tend to cause agitation.  Please feel free to email me directly or call the school.  We know that it is going to be stressful but we are working hard and are committed to provide a quality education in a safe environment in as normal a fashion as we can possibly attain.


Mike McFalls 


Back to School Plans for 2020-2021 - Quick Overview
Back to School Plans for 2020-2021 - Full Plan Document
Remote Learning Option Guidelines

The Safety of Students and Staff are our Highest Priority


Please keep in mind, below is just the outline and this is a very fluid situation and plans may change depending on health and safety concerns and orders from the health department and state.  Our first priority is the safety of students and staff.


Plan A

Return to school August 19th with safety precautions such as social distancing, increased disinfecting routines, cohorting students, staggering interactions (passing periods, recess, lunches), temperature checks for all individuals and masks for adults and secondary students.  An online option will be available with a mandatory orientation (contact the school for details).

Staff and students who are high-risk, we are working to provide a safe environment for them *. 


Plan B

Elementary in school, Secondary *online.


Plan C

Hybrid 50/50 - half the students, half the time in person with half *online.


Plan D

Full *online with streaming of lessons, etc.  No learning packets.


*CCS is working on a plan to provide internet to those students who do not have access.

CHSAA 2020-2021 Activities

Public Announcement

Custer County Schools Need You!


Your school needs to be “COVID Ready” for the “opening” August 19th, whatever that looks like! 


The administration is preparing multiple scenarios for optimal learning conditions for students and staff.  In order to ensure that we have covered all the situations we can anticipate, we need to dramatically upgrade our IT, distancing options, safety, and health requirements.


We are urgently seeking volunteers with the availability and expertise to help with the following:


IT requirements

1) Reset & provision 400 chromebooks and tablets for new set up to work on and off campus

2) Install cameras in classrooms & set up with individual users for facial tracking

3) Set up network of devices in 30 classrooms

4) Set up charging station

5) Assist with user base level troubleshooting during initial deployment & training

6) Enter printer codes & assist with "how to" demo for each unit

7) Create user facing How To documents off instruction notes (For Students/ Teachers/Parents)


Contact Lisa Nolan:


Partition (carpentry) Needs

Construction of free standing, plexiglass partitions for tables and desks to separate teachers and students. 

Preferably with material donated but the district can fund some material. (Can be fabricated at home, and picked up by school volunteers)


Contact Mike McFalls:



The school needs a supply of cloth masks for students and staff to supplement purchased products.


Contact Mike McFalls:  


Substitute Teachers

Apply on school website:

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