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Remote Learning

Remote Learning Schedule 
Blue Days - Monday and Wednesday
● 8:00 AM - First Period
● 9:10 AM - Second Period
● 10:20 AM - Third Period
● 11:30 AM - Fourth Period
Yellow Days - Tuesday and Thursday
● 8:00 AM - Fifth Period
● 9:10 AM - Sixth Period
● 10:20 AM - Seventh Period
● 11:30 AM - Eighth Period
Elementary Classes are scheduled by your teacher.
Attendance during remote instruction is mandatory.
Virtual Classroom Rules
Google Classroom/Drive Help

Make Google Drive Available Offline

Make Your Assignment Work Editable Offline & Submit


Announcement to Families Regarding Remote Learning - 1/24/2022

Good Afternoon Bobcats Families!


Custer County middle school students, high school students and faculty will begin remote instruction tomorrow, Tuesday, January 25, 2022.  At this time, we anticipate a return to in person instruction on Monday, January 31, 2022.  


Remote instruction will occur as follows:


  • Instruction for Periods 1-4 will be held on Monday and Wednesday (Blue Day).  Instruction for Periods 5-8 will be held on Tuesday and Thursday (Yellow Day).  Attendance for students is mandatory and will be graded accordingly.  

  • Periods 1 and 5 will begin at 8:00 AM.  Periods 2 and 6 will begin at 9:10 AM, Periods 3 and 7 will begin at 10:20 AM, and Periods 4 and 8 will begin at 11:30 AM.

  • Assignments are to be posted in Google Classroom and completed via electronic means.  (Google Classroom, Google Docs, uploading items, etc.)

  • Grades will be taken as usual.

  • Students are required to attend class via Google Meets and attendance will be taken.

  • Students without Internet access need to contact their teacher for further instruction.


Information regarding the remote schedules and remote learning expectations can be found on our website  


It is important to note that the remote learning only currently applies to students enrolled in Custer County Middle School and High School. 


Have a good afternoon.

Announcement to Families Regarding Remote Learning - 11/9/2021

Bobcat Families,

Due to the spike in Covid cases at school as well as other seasonal illnesses all grades except PK will be going remote starting Monday the 15th. The exception is third grade which is going remote as of today due to a high number of exposures.

School will be normal for the remainder of this week. We feel that going remote next week and the Thanksgiving holiday will give families the opportunity to get better. For the past two weeks students and staff absences have been at a high-level and we have been struggling to cover classes and run bus routes due to staff being ill.

Staff who are not ill will be at school next week for remote learning.

Families who need meal assistance next week please let your teacher know and we will have meals for pick up.

This week student activities will continue as normal including the FFA oyster fry and all athletic activities.

Next week’s student activities may continue if students and adults take a Covid test and test negative, we can provide the tests.

I apologize for this huge inconvenience, but we feel it is in the best interest for the health and safety of our students and staff.

Except for third grade students all students are expected to attend the remainder of this week to prepare for remote learning next week.

Thank you,

Mike McFalls


Letter to Families Regarding Remote Learning - 9/7/2021
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