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At Custer County Schools, we believe parents and children are not the only ones who benefit from good schools. Everyone in a community gains from good schools. A good school increases property values and improves the quality of life for all members of the community. The local school is an integral part of the fabric of its community. Each is a mirror unto the other; the success of one entity is naturally reflected in the other. The community is filled with volunteer organizations that can provide a vast array of services and benefits to the local school. When a community takes an interest in the school, it shows. It shows from the grounds of the campus to the faces of the students. When a community is valued by its citizens, the school is valued by its community. A school can also be an invaluable resource to its community. Students can volunteer to aid community organizations with their projects and learn invaluable lessons in the process. Not only can these experiences help students choose a career path, they cement the value of volunteering in their minds. This spirit of volunteerism will benefit the community for many years to come.


The commitment of the community to Custer County Schools was evidenced in the spring of 2014 when a local community foundation anonymously donated $50,000 per year for three years to the school. The foundation requested that the school district match these funds and that the funds be utilized for school staff compensation. This donation shows deep commitment by the community to help Custer County Schools attract and retain the highest quality staff possible.


The Excellence in Education Fund and Committee is a designated fund within the Wet Mountain Valley Community Foundation, and was founded by a citizens group to help address pressing educational needs for our community youth. The result is a three-way partnership between the Committee, the Wet Mountain Valley Community Foundation (WMVCF) and the C-1 School District of Custer County, with a goal of identifying and securing additional grant funding to support unfunded educational programs in our Custer County Schools.

Janet Freeburg

The Parent Teacher Student Organization (P.T.S.O.) consists of volunteers who are personally vested in seeing our schools reach even higher levels of success. The P.T.S.O. believes that academics, athletics and extra-curricular activities are essential to the development of Custer County students educationally, socially, mentally and physically.

Els van Woudenberg
(719) 783-0508

The purpose of this program is to connect individual community resources with a teacher, class, subject and/or grade level and through these connections fill unmet needs at CCS. 


Volunteer Program
Carol Franta
(719) 783-4958

Community volunteers helping with math, reading, writing and science; assisting with college and career planning; helping with drama productions, the Invention Convention, Local History night, the playground and library, tutoring and mentoring.

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